Internet of Things Platform | PAASMER-Unleashing the Power of IoT
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Paasmer Internet of Things Platform as Service

Nest and Sonos were the tips of the iceberg — connected devices or Internet of Things has emerged as the next frontier of technology to make our lives better by seamlessly connecting humans to our environment. Our platform is ready – we’ve already partnered with Amazon for robust cloud storage and Intel, Qualcomm, Advantech, and Microsoft to simplify IoT hardware. This industry is about to explode and PAASMER will be the backend software that powers an entire connected hardware revolution.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the Internet of Things and it’s radical effect on business. Companies like UPS, Boeing, GM, and Starbucks (to name a few) are all embracing IoT. Yet the current strategy to build backend IoT software in-house stifles innovation and costs companies huge profits in the long run. They need an end-to-end solution to make it simple to launch new products without the headache of complicated backend systems.

PAASMER makes it simple for Internet of Things companies to build and launch. We handle all the complicated backend software so teams can focus on beautiful products. Just like Amazon Web Services supports millions of websites, PAASMER will be the out-of-the-box foundation that powers the entire IoT industry. Eventually, every smart lightbulb, thermostat, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi device will rest on our Paasmer software. PAASMER is the foundation of a connected future that’s only just begun.

The PAASMER team has developed the flexible and versatile software that ties it all together and makes it simple for companies to focus on real innovation and not just the costly foundational infrastructure.

In the long term, PAASMER’s goal is to enable Artificial intelligence in Things so that Things can act with their own intelligence in the best interest of the user. PAASMER has arrived at the perfect time just when the IoT industry is about to hit exponential growth. This is an incredible value proposition and opportunity for their investors.