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Build and Deploy connected products/solutions  with our highly scalable Internet of Things platform

PAASMER makes it simple for Internet of Things companies to build and launch. We handle all the complicated backend software so teams can focus on beautiful products. Just like Amazon Web Services supports millions of websites, PAASMER will be the out-of-the-box foundation that powers the entire IoT industry. PAASMER is packed with innovation like IoT of Edge, IoT on ToR Network and IoT on Blockchain. Eventually, every smart lightbulb, thermostat, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi device will rest on our Paasmer software. PAASMER is the foundation of a connected future that’s only just begun. PAASMER team has developed the flexible and versatile software that ties it all together and makes it simple for companies to focus on real innovation and not just the costly foundational infrastructure. You can imagine how you will create and deliver your strategies for more efficiencies for cost-savings, or enhanced services, and we can provide the assurance that the technology will deliver that goal.

In the long term, PAASMER’s goal is to enable Artificial intelligence in Things so that Things can act with their own intelligence in the best interest of the user. PAASMER has arrived at the perfect time just when the IoT industry is about to hit exponential growth. This is an incredible value proposition and opportunity for companies wanting to build their IoT solution. ReadMore

Paasmer Overview:  Watch Video

PAASMER Edge Device

Connectivity agents that harness the data from sensors.


Cloud Database and GUI to manage the connected devices.

PAASMER Analytics

Provides data intelligence and visualization to improve performance and analyse patterns.

Mobile Application

The framework that allows a quick and easy way to build a smart application with rich UX to manage the edge devices from the smartphone in a secure way.


PAASMER gateway operating system for Intel & ARM hardware that has built-in agents to ensure a secure connection between the edge and external components of the solution architecture.





Fastest Time-To-Market

PAASMER allows clients to launch an IOT product in a short time as all the components required for the end-to-end solution are prebuilt and ready-to-use.


PAASMER offers the entire solution at an extremely affordable price with flexibility on picking the components needed by a customer for their solution.

Wide-Range of components

PAASMER provides a rich choice of components ranging from compatible hardware, communication protocols, analytics cloud and value-added services that can be picked based on their own preference or our recommended preference.

Extreme Flexibility

PAASMER allows customer extreme flexibility to not remain locked into any of their choices by having software layers that help to migrate to another choice without any significant impact to their business. PAASMER also has the ability to accommodate layers that can integrate with existing client platforms like SAP.

Why you need PAASMER? Watch Video



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