Internet of Things Platform | PAASMER-Unleashing the Power of IoT
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PAASMER is a Internet of Things platform as a service offering that provides customers end to end solution to transform their products or business into an IOT solution.

With PAASMER we provide multiple hardware and software components to develop the Internet of Things solution.


Paasmer Internet of Things Platform as Service

PAASMER is an Internet of Things platform as a service player. We at PAASMER provide the architecture and solution for our clients to scale their business by using IOT. Converting Edge device to smart, connecting to cloud, control and manage devices from mobile application and providing Analytics and machine learning on the data to perform meaningful operation are part of the service.


PAASMER provides the complete IOT platform to provide end to end hardware and software capabilities to business to fully utilize the potential of Internet of things and develop a complete connected platform. Data collection from Sensors, cloud integration, Analytics are the services offered with the PAAS

PAAS Architecture