A Case Study on How PAASMER Helped a Client to Build and Implement Retail IoT Solution
A Case Study On How PAASMER Helped a Client to Build and Implement Voice-Bot for Internet Of Things
A Case Study On How PAASMER Helped to Build an Online Generator Monitoring System

In this webinar our Speaker will provide insights on the following.

  • IOT
  • Architecture
  • Applictions
  • Security and Privacy
  • Building IOT application

We will also go over some of the real time case studies where in IOT has revolutionized business.

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raspberry-pi_connect to Paasmer IoT Platform

In this blog series we look at how to connect a Raspberry PI 3 to the PAASMER IoT Platform. The PAASMER IoT Platform makes it simple for Internet of Things companies to build and launch IoT enabled hardware. PAASMER currently provides a SDK which can be installed on the hardware.Modifying a few lines of code to provide the correct credentials and sensor information, it is ready to be connected to the PAASMER IoT Platform. Read More


IOT is in forefront of all technology discussion. Lot of new tools, platforms and product evolve everyday to meet the growing needs of the IOT market. Developing IOT applications can be a daunting task . There are so many pieces to be glued together for the IOT product or solution from sensors, gateways, cloud, middleware, analytics and so on and not to mention the task of understanding the various application development frameworks and standards that come with it. Read More


Stream analytics or Streaming analytics typically means making analytically informed decisions in milliseconds, while examining many thousands of events per second, generated from many millions of devices which can also be enriched by many other disparate sources of data. Read More


In a recent article by our friend Nermin at Toptal says “The Internet of Things (IoT) has been an industry buzzword for years, but sluggish development and limited commercialization have led some industry watchers to start calling it the “Internet of NoThings”. Double puns aside, IoT development is in trouble. Aside from spawning geeky jokes unfit for most social occasions, the hype did not help; and, in fact, I believe it actually caused a lot more harm than good. Read More


Smart City has become more than a buzzword in the recent time, Government and city officials are looking for ways to use the concept of smart cities projects for resolving the challenges faced by cities. According to various market research Smart city market size will grow to around $1.4 trillion by the year 2020 which is quite significant. Read More


IOT is the next technology transition where devices allow us to sense, control and manage the devices by making them smarter and connecting them through an intelligent network. If you look at the building blocks of IoT there are four main blocks 1) Sensors or things or Edge as you may call it 2) The Local Network; this can include a gateway, which translates proprietary communication protocols to Internet Protocol 3) Internet 4) Back end services. Read More


One of the Forrester research predictions for IoT in 2017 is the marriage of IoT with Blockchain which could resolve all the potential security threats & vulnerabilities of IoT. Blockchain was originally designed for financial applications like virtual currency (Bitcoins). Read More


IOT has seen unprecedented growth in last few years. But In 2016 IOT saw a lot of traction and the real value IOT brings to enterprise and Industry is driving wider adoption. This could well extend into 2017. Read More


The proliferation of the Internet of Things will drive widespread adoption of IoT solutions, including IoT platforms. IT leaders and directors of application infrastructure need to understand the capabilities, scope and relationship of IoT platforms to existing IT infrastructure. Read More


In this Blog we talk about connecting the simple ESP 8266 / NodeMCU to AWS IoT. Traditionally the simple and easily available ESP 8266 based boards could not connect to AWS IoT. There are two issues that prevent the use of AWS IoT for ESP8266 Arduino and pretty much every other 8-bit microcontroller-based device. Read More


There are many ways to architect the Internet of Things implementations for enterprises. CIOs must consider security, privacy, cost, ease of access, agility and performance to determine the best architecture for each enterprise. Enterprises will build and adapt their Internet of Things implementations based on a combination of these five main architecture styles. Read More


The recent DDoS attack using connected devices was massive and disruptive to say the least. The attack which was done using internet enabled Cameras affected lot of websites Twitter, Amazon, Reddit, Netflix, and more. The attack specifically targeted the DNS (Domain Name System) that maps human readable website address to their IP address. Read More


There is much variation in understanding of the Internet of Things and its related concepts — operational technology and machine-to-machine communication.The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is not fundamentally new, but several factors are converging to drive extremely high levels of deployment. Mass adoption is shifting the IoT into a powerful force for business transformation. Read More


Enterprises are increasingly connecting a broad variety and number of IoT endpoints (a collection of sensors) to access data from and better manage physical assets that are relevant to their business. Typical IoT-enabled business objectives include traditional benefits, such as improved asset management, as well as new business opportunities and revenue models, such as subscribed-to services. Read More


The growth of IOT is explosive and formidable. Connected devices are becoming part of everyday life, from connected devices at home like refrigerator, coffee maker, thermostat, bulbs, to connected vehicles, street lights, parking system, garbage can on roads to connected tools & machines in factory to Connected equipments in hospital. Read More


These IoT Platforms are the key for the development of scalable IoT applications and services that connect the real and virtual worlds between objects, systems and people. However, as the IoT Platform market represents a truly new segment that was almost non-existent a few years ago, the landscape is complex and changing very quickly. Read More


The explosive growth of IOT is here and now, it’s considered the new Digital revolution. As per Gartner IOT forecast, it is estimated that by 2020 and more than 35 billion things will be connected to the Internet. Also Gartner predicts global spending on IOT — including all hardware, software and services — has exceeded $1.3 trillion in 2015 and is forecast to reach $3.5 trillion by 2020. Read More


A recent Gartner survey provided key insights and recommendations on IoT adoption. We recently did an exercise to map these key findings and recommendations to our IoT Platform of A Service – PAASMER. We have highlighted the points significantly addressed by PAASMER in block letters below. PAASMER – Being a Gateway/Cloud centric architecture addresses the highlighted area in comprehensive manner by design. Read More